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Introduction to Sambar

Sambar powder is the soul of South Indian cuisine, Sambar. Every dish, be it idli Sambar, sambar vada, or any dosa type, calls for Sambar. Sambar or Sambhar is a healthy and tasty mix of lentils and vegetables.

Sambhar has various health benefits. It contains lentils, which are a significant source of Protein. Vegetables used in Sambhar are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Thus, making it everyone's favorite. It is the first choice of diet-conscious people.

Sambar's recipe has tuwar/tuar/tur dal as the prime ingredient. Add Bottle gourd, eggplant, carrots, drumsticks, pumpkin, onion, and tomatoes next. We have Sambar Powder, salt, and tamarind paste in the third place. When cooked, we use oil, mustard seeds, dried red chilies, and curry leaves for tempering.

Thus, an excellent cooked Sambar with suitable Sambar Powder is essential.

Alco offers its authentic-tasting sambar powder. It is 100% pure without artificial flavors or preservatives. Add 2 tsp of Alco Sambar Masala to enjoy delicacy anywhere.

Alco Foods does not add any MSG or dairy items to Sambar Masala. It is vegan, gluten-free, and suitable for people on a Keto diet.

Let's learn more about Sambar Powder.

Sambar Masala is a unique spice blend added to the Sambar. Sambar Masala is a delectable coarse textured spices powder. It involves grinding various basic Indian spices with chana, urad, and masoor dal.

You can also use the same spice mix for recipes like dry sabji, flavored rice, and gravy-based curries.

Each dish from all parts of India has a unique mix of khada masala. With slight variations in the ratios of the raw spices, they deliver a unique one. One easy multi-purpose spice blend is the sambar powder recipe. It has an aromatic flavor. South Indian cuisines are incomplete without this blend of spices.

Learn about the richness of Sambar Powder's Ingredients.

Sambar powder

Sambar powder is an assortment of spices. It has rich medicinal value and makes the dish healthy and tasty.

  1. Black Pepper (Khadi Kali Mirch) - They give the Sambar Powder a sharp, spicy taste. It helps in digestion and weight loss by improving the body's metabolism. It also helps to reduce cough and has anti-diarrhoeal properties.
  2. Coriander (Khada Dhaniya) - Coriander seeds are another prime ingredient in Sambar Powder. They have a great flavor when crushed. Thus the sharp differentiating taste of Sambar Powder.
  3. Cumin (Zeera/Jeera) - Cumin adds earthy, warming, and aromatic flavors to Sambar Powder. Jeera also helps in building up our immunity and has antibacterial properties.
  4. Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana) - They give an aroma, nutty, and little bitter taste to Sambar Powder.
  5. Lentils (Dal) - Add Tur Dal, Urad Dal, and Chana Dal in equal proportions to make the base of Sambar Powder. Dals influence the taste and color of Sambar powder.
  6. Red chilies (Khadi Laal Mirch) - Red Chillies make the Sambar powder spicy. It gives excellent color and spice quotient to Sambar Masala. When preparing Sambar Powder at home, you can adjust the quantity based on the family's liking. You can use either only Kashmiri Chillies or mix more variety.

3 Significant Tips for Sambar Powder Recipe

  1. Red chilies and coriander are the main ingredients for Sambar Powder. So, both have to be fresh and of the finest grade. We recommend using Kashmiri chilies which are mild in spice heat and have great color.
  2. Use coconut oil but a minimal quantity of it—coconut oil for the extra flavor and the least amount for a non-sticky powder.
  3. Store Sambar Powder in an airtight or zip-lock bag for extended shelf life. Also, note the date of its preparation.

Sambar Powder lasts six months without any preservatives or additives. If needed, you can keep it in the refrigerator.

Why Should You Include Sambar in Diet?

sambar powder

There are as many as 260 calories in Sambar (per bowl). You can pair Sambar with idlis, dosas, meduvadas, steamed rice, and more. It is a nutritious stew of lentils (daal) and vegetables (sabji). Each serving of Sambar has

  • Calcium
  • Carbohydrates
  • Iron
  • Proteins
  • Sodium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C

Sambar is comfortable to digest. It has high antioxidant properties (loaded with zinc, folate, magnesium, and iron). It is rich in fiber. Sambar has a low glycemic index making it appropriate for Diabetics.

Let's Down the Sambar Bowl

Sambar masala recipe

There are many variations of sambhar powder recipes across Southern India. Each has its ingredient list. Some recipes suggest cooking with ground coriander seed, cumin, and lentils as the base. At the same time, others use ground coconut, cinnamon, or even stone flowers.

Ensure that coriander seeds are fresh and crispy without any sign of spoilage.

The renowned South Indian spice mix is a love affair in every Indian household. A healthful meal is ready when you mix boiled lentils, sauté vegetables and Sambar Masala. The everyday lifestyle requires quick recipes.

Pick a Sambar Masala with a balanced ratio of all ingredients. When in doubt, pick the Alco Foods Sambar Masala.

Alco prepares its Sambar Powder without artificial flavors. The use of authentic spices makes it a healthier choice. Alco Sambar Masala uses no anti-caking agents or MSG. It is a non-GMO product.

Alco Foods Sambar Masala has handpicked and dry-roasted spices. Learning what makes it healthy and ensuring Sambar Masala is necessary.

Orienting good eating habits becomes the mantra of life. Alco Foods consider living by the day for a better tomorrow. Let's make healthy eating a rule.


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