Alco Foods is an Indian based company for people looking to eat easy, tasty, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients from local farmers from across India We are on 3 mission to “provide inspiration and delicious ingredients to every chef* in the world" - Alco Foods Mission Statement,

To us "Everybody with a kitchen is a chef"

About us

All our products are made with care in our FDA and FSSAI licensed facilities. We take special care of products to ensure we exceed all the safety standards that enable us to meet the dietary needs of our customers. Some of the dietary needs that we cater to are listed below but not limited to.

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*Not all our products meet every single dietary requirement listed above. We have ensured to clearly label them accordingly to inform our customers which of our products meet which criteria. We have also made specific collections for all dietary needs “Shop By Diet”.

Further, we believe consuming natural products is the best and the most healthy way of living,
To honor our beliefs, we keep our products natural. Our products have

No Anti Caking Agents

No Artificial Flavors


No Preservatives

*In special case if our products contains any of the above. We have clearly mentioned them in the ingredients section of the particular product to promptly inform our customers.

Our Process

We take special care of our ingredients from procurement till the time it leaves our facility. We procure sustainably and ethically from farmers across India. Once we procure these fresh ingredients from the farmers, we thoroughly sanitise them to ensure that all the ingredients that we use are ready to be consumed. Once the sanitization process is complete we use our latest low grinding technology to grind our ingredients. This process allows us to preserve all the natural oils and flavors in our ingredients. Once in powder form we use our proprietary recipes to mix and pack these delicious products for your to enjoy.

Sanitization Video

Grinding Video

Packaging Video