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In India, tea is the most-loved national drink and is an integral part of many people's daily routines. It is common for Indians to start their day with a cup of masala chai at home. To prepare a cup of Masala chai, boil tea leaves with milk, sugar, ginger root, and spices like cardamom and clove. This popular brew has become famous worldwide—the Indians call it tea.

Tea's popularity in India is a new phenomenon. A few decades ago, most Indians had never tried tea, let alone masala chai. Factors such as the global economic depression, the struggle for Indian independence, technological advancements, and competitive marketing efforts influenced tea evolution. It is a drink associated with British colonizers. This beverage from India has gained recognition globally.

Tea offers many health benefits. It reduces the impact of stress and protects against various chronic diseases. It can help in treating Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease. It strengthens the immune system to fight cholesterol. It stimulates L-Theanine, which is crucial for a modern lifestyle.

Monsoon and Tea

Masala Chai

The monsoon season is not just a time of weather changes but a celebration of cool breezes, gentle skies, and refreshing rain. It brings joy and relief to both the land and the people. In the Indian Subcontinent, it is a much-awaited season that ends the dry and scorching summer heat. In addition, there are common flu fighters that can be found on your kitchen shelves, which are also immune boosters.

The monsoon season can often make us sick due to its humid winds and rain. To avoid falling ill, consider drinking herbal tea as a natural way to boost your immune system. Not only can it help keep you healthy, but sipping a warm cup of herbal tea can also enhance your enjoyment of the monsoon season from the comfort of your balcony.

Many Indians deeply love tea, especially during the rainy monsoon season. It has become a cherished family tradition, as chai and monsoon complement each other perfectly. Many excellent reasons exist to enjoy a nice cup of tea during India's monsoon season.

3 Tea Recipes to try this Monsoon

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea

During the monsoon season, ginger tea is a top choice as it can help treat common colds, clear the throat, and alleviate allergies. Additionally, stomach issues are common during this season, but ginger tea can aid in improving blood circulation and promoting proper digestion and absorption of food to combat these problems.

How to make Ginger Tea

  • To make tea, first heat the tea-making utensil. Then, add the amount of water you want.
  • Put the ginger root in simmering water and leave it for 4-5 minutes.
  • Add 12 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea (depending on the type of tea) and let it steep for 2 minutes.
  • After steeping the ginger in hot water, filter the tea and sweeten it with honey or sugar, according to your preference. Your ginger tea for relieving nausea is now ready.

    Enjoy the sips with Pakodas.

    Black Tea

    Ginger Tea

    Did you know that black tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant? After the tea leaves are fully oxidized and processed, they become dark brown and have a distinct flavor. Black tea is often described as bold and brisk, sometimes even astringent. We recommend skipping added sweeteners to reap the benefits of black tea's antioxidants. Drinking black tea may also help manage blood sugar levels and improve heart and gut health, reducing your risk of certain diseases.

    How to make Black Tea:

    • Boil water and add tea powder or tea leaves.
    • Boil for at least three minutes.
    • The color changes to a darker shade.
    • Switch off the flame.
    • Cover with a lid and let it sit for a few minutes to allow the flavors to blend.
    • Add sugar/honey and stir.
    • Strain in cups.

    Green Tea

    Green Tea

    Did you know that Green Tea has antioxidants that help to boost our immune system? Especially during the monsoon season, when infectious diseases are common, keeping our immunity strong is essential. Green tea also helps to rid our bodies of harmful toxins. If you do not like the taste, add a little sugar or honey to make it more enjoyable.

    How to make Green Tea:

    • We recommend boiling the drinking water to enhance the flavor of your delicate tea leaves and then let it cool for 2-3 minutes before steeping.
    • To release the delicious aroma of the tea, pour water over the tea bag.
    • Let the tea bag steep for up to three minutes. If you like a more robust flavor, brew a little longer. But remember that over-brewing can result in bitterness.
    • Extract the tea bag and enjoy your deliciously rejuvenating Green Tea.

      Enjoy the sips with Bread Pakodas.

      Summing up on Tea

      Summing up on Tea

      Indulge in nourishing teas to revitalize your body and promote good health. Teas are perfect to relish the monsoon season, as they provide enjoyment and protect you from seasonal illnesses. 

      Have a wonderful monsoon season, and enjoy the benefits of tea!


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