|June 13, 2022


The aromatic Biryani is just irresistible, and all you want to do is lap it up. But, ever wondered what makes the dish so exclusive? Is it :

  • The freshness of the spices, 

  • The blend of the ingredients, or 

  • The deliciousness of the food coming from the masala used? 

Masala is a mixture of spices widely used in Indian cooking. Alco Foods excels in providing the richness of the cuisine with its unique masala. In the current scenario of working lifestyle, couples often opt for ready-to-eat food, impacting their health. How about the magic that involves minimal work and maximum taste? Due to this reason Alco Foods is a household name in every Indian home.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Alco Foods Is The Best Masala Manufacturer In India:

1. Superior Quality Of Ingredients


Alco Foods believes in no gain without pain. The masalas are handcrafted. Fresh materials come from farms that use the organic method of farming. It is made sure every unit of processing has a quality inspection and control regularly. The company has a written document on quality control procedures to be adhered to by all the manufacturing units. The quality control laboratory goes through an elaborate process of checking the components arrived. There is no scope for negligence as it goes through cycles of the quality procedure. The consistency of offering superior quality ingredients in the masala has kept Alco Foods going places. It has become the favorite of all the chefs, the mommies at home, the grandmothers, and the millennials.

2. Purity Of The Ingredients

Alco Foods

There is no point in adding a masala if the purity of the Food is lost. Imagine the tangy flavour Chole doesn't taste the same as the purity of the ingredients is gone. The savory taste of coriander powder, and the ripeness of dry mango powder, have all gone for a toss. The Food industry is a challenging one. The purity and the sanctity of the food must be maintained all the time. It becomes vital to handle the materials with utmost care and efficient manner. Precautions to maintain the cleanliness of the food items are necessary. Alco Foods buy hygienic materials from reputed sellers. The concept of storing food items in the refrigerator is nil. There is no use of artificial flavours or preservatives in the masalas. This helps in maintaining the purity of the masala. No wonder the Chole made with Alco Foods tastes like homemade ground masala!.

3.Wide Range Of Products Easily Accessible

Wide range of products

Looking at the busy routine, no one has the time to browse various sites and get hold of many products. Alco Foods understand your worry and offer an array of products for you to choose from. The products range from cashews to Gravy Bowls, to pure Spices, and Masala. This means you are good to go and cook. You rock and roll in the kitchen. Alco Foods is readily available in the markets as well as online. You can reach for the products at any super shop or simply log on to Alco Foods for your home shopping. Choose from Paneer Butter Masala to Sambar Powder, from Red Chilli Powder to Cumin Powder, and from Meat Masala to Vada Pav Masala, and the list is endless.

4.Shop By Diet


This day everybody is health-conscious. Every fortnight there is a different diet that one follows. It is a dreadful feeling to look forward to a shop that offers you everything under one roof. Alco Foods has the right choices for you. It has a segment called 'shop by diet'. You will find the choicest of food with the kind of dietary restrictions you are on. You can shop under the headers of Keto, Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Non- GMO, Paleo-friendly, Halal, and Soy-free diets. Life just got better, hasn't it? 

5. Affordable Pricing


If you thought healthy living required was all about fancy food, and items with high pricing, you have sadly mistaken! Alco Foods have reasonable pricing making it affordable for each household in India. You are sure of getting maximum value for the price you pay for the product without negotiating with the quality. What else does one want? Food is the source of our energy, life, and emotions. When you get soulful food at an economical rate, you are at peace. The Gravy Bowls have instructions to follow that are easy for bachelors and spinsters to do. They are delicious, quality controlled, and inexpensive. 

6. Health And Fitness

healthy eating

Mr Adit Agrawal, the President and CEO at Alco Foods, Natty Hatty inc., Alcoeats & Lahari Laminates, was clear about his vision. He combated his weight gain and decided the only way to curb the extra weight was to eat healthily. It is one of the reasons why the products of Alco Foods are particular about the ingredients they offer. The idea is to present tasty food with the goodness of health and relatable food. The Masalas manufactured at Alco Foods are conscious-driven. It is designed to keep the health and fitness of the people. 

7. Transparency And Certification

Rarely does anyone enter a 5-star kitchen with the thought of what one may see? The opposite is the case at Alco Foods. The transparency level of the manufacturing unit is top-notch. You can visit the place at any time and see the process. The process involves the Sanitization process, Grinding process, and Packaging process. The same is on the website too. You can be sure that they only curate quality goods and offer rich-distinct tastes in them. The policies and the refund policies are clear too. The products manufactured are under the supervision of FDA and FSSAI licensed provisions.

Summing Up On What Makes Alco Foods the Best Masala Manufacturer in India

Alco Foods

Alco Foods is an inspiring tale that embraces food with culture. A group of experts at work make sure the material is in the desired proportion. The tasting of which is mandatory. The products are available all over the stores in India. It also ships to various countries assuring you never miss "Ghar ka Swaad". Indian cuisines without Masala and spices are like dancing without rhythm. The masala must have a proper proportion of the ingredients. There are times when you feel some spices are overpowering the other taste buds. It ruins the dish. It is thereby better to go for a brand that you can trust. Today Alco Foods is a symbolic name for Masala, Gravy Pre mixes, and Dietary Food options. What's more, you will find recipes too if you are an amateur at cooking. 

If you haven't tried it yet, you must try, and there is no looking back then.