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A Pack for South Indian Dish Lovers

South Indian Sambar is one of our favorite staple dishes. We prepared it using the Sambar Masala from Alco Foods, and the taste, aroma and flavor turned out lovely. Just like an authentic homemade Sambar. Making Sambar using this Masala is quick and easy. If you like to eat Sambar, you must try out this product.

The second dish we prepared - the Mumbai-style Pav Bhaji. And this turned out very tasty as well, like the very original Pav Bhaji.

Masalas and Mixes are our everyday food needs. We highly recommend you try out the wide variety and specialty of products from Alco Foods.

We find their products are of high quality, rich, and 100% pure. Made of the highest quality spices, with no artificial flavors and preservatives. Vegan and Dairy-Free.