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Smoked chaas, commonly known as smoked buttermilk, are a delicious way to deal with the scorching sun this summer. It is prepared with yogurt and has a fantastic flavor. Yogurt is known to soothe your gut, so including this in your diet is a great idea.

Adding Alco cumin powder, garam masala, and the smoky essence to the chaas makes it a great-tasting option. After adding all the ingredients to the chaas, place a coal in the middle and cover it with a lid. You will get a chilling experience with these smoked chaas.



", "title": "SMOKED CHAAS RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/ezgif-frame-001_-_2023-05-17T100659.871_1100x.jpg?v=1684298242", "image_alt": "SMOKED CHAAS RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/smoked-chaas-recipe", "published_at": "May 17, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Jal Jeera Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/JaljeeraMix01_600x.jpg?v=1659618676", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40280792432832, "handle": "jal-jeera-masala", "url" : "/products/jal-jeera-masala" },{ "title": "Jeera Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/JeeraPowder01_600x.jpg?v=1668400750", "price": "Rs. 100.00","description": "", "variant_id" :42857917415616, "handle": "jeera-masala", "url" : "/products/jeera-masala" },{ "title": "Garam Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/Garam-masala-100g-Jar_1_600x.jpg?v=1680070252", "price": "Rs. 180.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43449002885312, "handle": "garam-masala-jar", "url" : "/products/garam-masala-jar" },{ "title": "Chaat Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/ChaatMasala-01_600x.jpg?v=1680086587", "price": "Rs. 135.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43449112789184, "handle": "chaat-masala-jar", "url" : "/products/chaat-masala-jar" },]},"564292747456" : { "id":564292747456, "handle": "foodtrest/paneer-chili-recipe", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

Paneer chili is the perfect example of the best Indo-Chinese fusion. The paneer is diced into cubes, deep-fried, and mixed with the savory gravy. There are two varieties of paneer chili- dried or gravy.

Paneer chili is a beloved dish and is a favorite of many. This simple recipe includes Alco paneer chili gravy through which you can prepare delicious paneer chili in easy steps, just slit the pouch, mix with water, and add to the paneer. 



", "title": "PANEER CHILI RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/Untitled_design_-_2023-05-08T153102.257_1100x.jpg?v=1683540073", "image_alt": "PANEER CHILI RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/paneer-chili-recipe", "published_at": "May 8, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Paneer Chili Mix Gravy", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/PaneerChilli-Front_600x.jpg?v=1659425653", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :41119399706816, "handle": "paneer-chili-mix-gravy-indian-gravy-mix", "url" : "/products/paneer-chili-mix-gravy-indian-gravy-mix" },{ "title": "Paneer Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/Paneermasala01_600x.jpg?v=1659514609", "price": "Rs. 150.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40280876155072, "handle": "paneer-masala", "url" : "/products/paneer-masala" },{ "title": "Chaat Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/ChaatMasala-01_600x.jpg?v=1680086587", "price": "Rs. 135.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43449112789184, "handle": "chaat-masala-jar", "url" : "/products/chaat-masala-jar" },{ "title": "Garam Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/Garam-masala-100g-Jar_1_600x.jpg?v=1680070252", "price": "Rs. 180.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43449002885312, "handle": "garam-masala-jar", "url" : "/products/garam-masala-jar" },]},"564198998208" : { "id":564198998208, "handle": "foodtrest/south-indian-style-sambhar-recipe", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

Sambar is a mixture of dal and vegetables, often served with idli or dosa. It consists of vegetables such as carrots, drumsticks, pumpkin, etc., making this dish healthy. This is a staple South Indian dish to have any time.

When added to sambar, a dash of Alco sambar masala makes it delicious with natural flavors, aroma, and taste. This sambar masala is fresh and will make a special sambar recipe.



", "title": "SOUTH INDIAN STYLE SAMBHAR RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/ezgif-frame-001_-_2023-05-01T121400.475_1100x.jpg?v=1682923451", "image_alt": "SOUTH INDIAN STYLE SAMBHAR RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/south-indian-style-sambhar-recipe", "published_at": "May 1, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Sambar Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/SambarMasal01_201400e2-edb4-4800-aec4-ba1e0bf7d16a_600x.jpg?v=1675846259", "price": "Rs. 185.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43449124880576, "handle": "sambar-masala-jar", "url" : "/products/sambar-masala-jar" },{ "title": "Coriander Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/WebsiteProductimages-11_600x.jpg?v=1680847819", "price": "Rs. 420.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43447134552256, "handle": "coriander-powder-500g", "url" : "/products/coriander-powder-500g" },{ "title": "Red Chili Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/WebsiteProductimages-10_600x.jpg?v=1680847605", "price": "Rs. 435.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43447138615488, "handle": "red-chili-powder-500g", "url" : "/products/red-chili-powder-500g" },{ "title": "Turmeric Powder - Haldi Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/WebsiteProductimages-09_600x.jpg?v=1680847713", "price": "Rs. 420.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43447148347584, "handle": "turmeric-powder-haldi-powder-500g", "url" : "/products/turmeric-powder-haldi-powder-500g" },]},"564197556416" : { "id":564197556416, "handle": "foodtrest/instant-khaman-dhokla", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

Khaman Dhokla is a savory and sweet snack that is fluffy, flavorful, and extremely light to have. You can enjoy these cakes any time of the day. These khaman dhoklas are prepared by steaming on the stovetop or in the instant pot.

It consists of besan and got yellow color from that only. The spices are added to give the perfect flavor to khaman dhoklas, like turmeric powder, Kashmiri red chili powder, salt, and sugar. Due t the addition of sugar, it becomes pretty sweet. A slight tempering is done with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies.

Alco turmeric powder and Kashmiri red chili powder are used here in this recipe for a perfect, fluffy, and spicy khaman dhokla. Try this easy recipe of savory khaman dhokla and delight your tastebuds.



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Bengali chops are famous street food in Kolkata. It has fried potatoes with garlic, ginger, and coriander, coated with besan, and then deep-fried. You can get this on every street in Kolkata. 

You can create these easy and quick Bengali chops in the comfort of your home with Alco masalas. The authentic flavor of Kolkata streets can be at your fingertips. 

Serve this masterpiece with tamarind and green chutney made with mint and coriander leaves, and get mesmerized.





", "title": "BENGALI CHOP RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/ezgif-frame-001_94_1100x.jpg?v=1681119814", "image_alt": "BENGALI CHOP RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/bengali-chop-recipe", "published_at": "April 10, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Turmeric Powder - Haldi Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/WebsiteProductimages-09_600x.jpg?v=1680847713", "price": "Rs. 420.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43447148347584, "handle": "turmeric-powder-haldi-powder-500g", "url" : "/products/turmeric-powder-haldi-powder-500g" },{ "title": "Coriander Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/CorianderPowder1kg_2_a5e718b7-bc64-4fbd-91ac-2b8a8f100548_600x.jpg?v=1675761670", "price": "Rs. 700.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43447136583872, "handle": "coriander-powder-1kg", "url" : "/products/coriander-powder-1kg" },{ "title": "Kashmiri Chilli Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/KashmiriChiliPowder02_1_1_600x.jpg?v=1662379228", "price": "Rs. 174.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40271096873152, "handle": "kashmiri-chilli-powder", "url" : "/products/kashmiri-chilli-powder" },]},"564067369152" : { "id":564067369152, "handle": "foodtrest/kadhai-paneer-recipe", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

Paneer, onion, tomatoes, and bell peppers are cooked in a fragrant, fresh curry to create the spicy, savory, scrumptious meal known as \"kadai paneer.\" In contrast to Shahi paneer and paneer butter masala, this spicy and savoury Kadai paneer is a common paneer gravy dish. The finest accompaniments to this elegant restaurant-style dish are butter naan, roti, Jeera rice, or steamed basmati rice. You must attempt this recipe if you like spicy food and real Indian spices.

Have any unwelcome visitors arrived, or are you in the mood for something tasty to eat? No need to worry; this recipe is fast and simple to prepare and delicious. With Alco's Instant Paneer Gravy Mix, you can quickly prepare this meal and treat your taste buds to something special.


Heat some oil in a skillet before adding the tomato, onion, and chopped capsicum in cubes. Save yourself the bother of heating another pan by adding a little oil to one side of the pan, tossing in some Paneer cubes, and tossing it for a few minutes. Add salt to taste and sauté the vegetables and paneer until they are a light golden colour. Add 1/4 tsp of red chilli powder and 1/4 tsp of turmeric. Cook it well.

Take a bowl and pour Alco's Instant Paneer Gravy mix; add half a cup of water and stir it. Make sure the gravy mix is smooth enough.

Add the Instant Gravy mix to your well-sautéed veggies and Paneer and give it a good mix. Let the gravy and vegetables cook together for a while, and then garnish with fresh cream and coriander. Serve with any Indian bread of your choice, and this quick and easy kadai paneer is ready to enjoy. 

", "title": "KADHAI PANEER RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/DSC00155_520x500_1_1100x.webp?v=1680764799", "image_alt": "KADHAI PANEER RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/kadhai-paneer-recipe", "published_at": "April 6, 2023", "comments":0,},"564030439616" : { "id":564030439616, "handle": "foodtrest/spicy-jhal-muri-recipe", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

The tasty Jhal Muri Masala has a distinct and zingy flavour. It has a lot of spice, as the label would imply. Along with several seasonings, it includes puffed rice, diced tomatoes, onions, potatoes, green chilies, and salted peanuts. Jhal Muri is a calorie-efficient food that is good for you. We advise using Alco Jhal Muri Masala, a purified blend, to fix it. Everyone enjoys making Jhal Muri Masala because it is a simple dish. An even balance of savoury and tart flavour is produced by the variety of veggies and spices.



", "title": "SPICY JHAL MURI RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/ezgif-frame-001_88_520x500_923afbc1-6a2e-45e8-b8cf-ddafcd1e53cd_1100x.webp?v=1680514415", "image_alt": "SPICY JHAL MURI RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/spicy-jhal-muri-recipe", "published_at": "April 3, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Cajun Spice Seasoning", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/Untitleddesign_58_600x.jpg?v=1661404322", "price": "Rs. 170.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40280184225984, "handle": "cajun-spice-seasoning", "url" : "/products/cajun-spice-seasoning" },{ "title": "Chaat Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/ChaatMasala-01_600x.jpg?v=1680086587", "price": "Rs. 135.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43449112789184, "handle": "chaat-masala-jar", "url" : "/products/chaat-masala-jar" },{ "title": "Jal Jeera Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/JaljeeraMix01_600x.jpg?v=1659618676", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40280792432832, "handle": "jal-jeera-masala", "url" : "/products/jal-jeera-masala" },]},"564019364032" : { "id":564019364032, "handle": "foodtrest/dahi-bhalle-dahi-vada-recipe", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

Dahi Bhalla is a popular North Indian snack with various flavors. Sour, sweet and spicy are all packed into one dish. Its preparation is similar to Chaat preparation.

Lentils, mainly urad and moong dal, are soaked in water for a long time, mixed into  a paste, and fried. The donut is topped with curd and sweet chutney and garnished with sev and pomegranate seeds. Can’t resist this dish, prepare this by following these simple steps. 



", "title": "DAHI BHALLE | DAHI VADA RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/ezgif-frame-002_520x500_39ce8b1d-6654-44b5-aa7c-0cb01d4f904d_1100x.webp?v=1680069125", "image_alt": "DAHI BHALLE | DAHI VADA RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/dahi-bhalle-dahi-vada-recipe", "published_at": "March 29, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Red Hot Chili Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/RedhotChiliPowder07_1_b220ca29-2ad0-4036-900c-45cf6ea841b0_600x.jpg?v=1675763682", "price": "Rs. 232.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43447164928192, "handle": "red-hot-chili-powder-500g", "url" : "/products/red-hot-chili-powder-500g" },{ "title": "Jeera Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/JeeraPowder01_600x.jpg?v=1668400750", "price": "Rs. 100.00","description": "", "variant_id" :42857917415616, "handle": "jeera-masala", "url" : "/products/jeera-masala" },{ "title": "Chaat Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/MasalaFront-17_600x.jpg?v=1668572258", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40271705342144, "handle": "chaat-masala", "url" : "/products/chaat-masala" },{ "title": "Coriander Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/WebsiteProductimages-11_600x.jpg?v=1680847819", "price": "Rs. 420.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43447134552256, "handle": "coriander-powder-500g", "url" : "/products/coriander-powder-500g" },]},"563975979200" : { "id":563975979200, "handle": "foodtrest/amritsari-chhole-gravy-recipe", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "


Amritsari Chhole, a Punjabi chickpea dish, is cooked from chickpeas that have been soaked and boiled overnight. This curry is very authentic and has a great flavour. It has distinct flavours and is hearty, spicily, and incredibly alluring. Unquestionably, this recipe will bring a taste of the Amritsar streets into your home.

This recipe can be paired with a variety of dishes, such as the well-liked combinations of chhole-kulcha, chhole-bhature, and chhole-chawal. This healthy and delicious recipe for Chhole is made considerably simpler and quicker with Alco Chhole Gravy Mix if you keep soaked or boiled chickpeas on hand.


Four tablespoons of oil are heated in a skillet. Two roughly chopped onions are added, and they are sauteed for a minute. To the skillet, add 1 tsp of ginger-garlic paste. Then incorporate three tomatoes that have been diced finely. A medium-low heat should be used to cook it for 5 minutes.

Make the sauce mix in the interim. Alco Amritsari Chhole Gravy Mix should be poured into a dish with water and stirred. Make sure the gravy mixture is thin—never viscous.

Once the onion and tomato are cooked through, add the gravy mixture to the pan, stir it well, then add the boiled chickpeas and turn again. Add a small dish of chickpea stock that has been drained, cover the pan, and cook for 8–10 minutes.

Your instant and delicious Amritsari Chhole is ready to serve. Enjoy this quick recipe with your choice of bread or rice. It’s deliciously versatile. Garnish with chopped coriander, some sliced onion, and a few ginger and green chili strands. 

", "title": "AMRITSARI CHHOLE GRAVY RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/ezgif-frame-001_11_1100x.jpg?v=1680074068", "image_alt": "AMRITSARI CHHOLE GRAVY RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/amritsari-chhole-gravy-recipe", "published_at": "March 13, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Amritsari Chhole Gravy", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/AmritsariChhole01_600x.png?v=1658907359", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :41114240155840, "handle": "amritsari-chole-gravy-indian-gravy-mix", "url" : "/products/amritsari-chole-gravy-indian-gravy-mix" },{ "title": "Amritsari Chhole Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/Masalaproductimage-16_600x.jpg?v=1681285855", "price": "Rs. 135.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43449021268160, "handle": "amritsari-chhole-masala-jar", "url" : "/products/amritsari-chhole-masala-jar" },{ "title": "Chaat Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/MasalaFront-17_600x.jpg?v=1668572258", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40271705342144, "handle": "chaat-masala", "url" : "/products/chaat-masala" },{ "title": "Garam Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/Garam-masala-100g-Jar_1_600x.jpg?v=1680070252", "price": "Rs. 180.00","description": "", "variant_id" :43449002885312, "handle": "garam-masala-jar", "url" : "/products/garam-masala-jar" },]},"563975585984" : { "id":563975585984, "handle": "foodtrest/paneer-butter-masala", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

A fantastic mouthwatering Indian main course dish goes by the names Paneer Butter Masala, Butter Paneer Masala, and Paneer Makhani. In India, the meal that is most popular and ubiquitous is paneer butter masala. The butter paneer recipe has a somewhat spicy and sweet flavour. The Paneer is lovely and bouncy, and it has a deep flavour and aroma. Along with tandoori roti, naan, kulcha, jeera rice, and steaming rice, the creamy Butter Paneer Masala tastes great.

The most popular main meal option when creating a lunch or supper menu is Paneer Butter Masala. See how Alco may assist you in preparing it:

Cut the Paneer into cubes and place them in a basin. Sprinkle them with salt and roasted black pepper powder. Set aside the bowl.

Then, take 3–4 tablespoons of Paneer Butter Gravy from the jar of Alco Paneer Butter Gravy Mix that is ready to be cooked. After combining, put it in a basin. Abstain from lumps. To make a runny gravy, combine with one cup of water.

Runny gravy is added to a frying pan that has been heated with butter and cooked until it thickens. After adding Paneer, simmer for a further two to three minutes.

Serve hot and garnish with milk or butter.

", "title": "PANEER BUTTER MASALA", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/Paneer_Butter_Gravy_1_1100x.jpg?v=1678703891", "image_alt": "PANEER BUTTER MASALA", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/paneer-butter-masala", "published_at": "March 13, 2023", "comments":0,},"563896877248" : { "id":563896877248, "handle": "foodtrest/paneer-butter-gravy", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

Paneer Butter Masala, Butter Paneer Masala, and Paneer Makhani; are three names for an excellent lip-smacking Indian main course dish. Makhani is the Punjabi word for Butter, where the etymology of this proper name for this dish is from. Paneer Butter Masala is the most omnipresent and famous dish in India. It is always on the menu of every Dhaba (small street side restaurant) in North India and every Pure Veg restaurant in South India. To prepare the sweet-spicy butter paneer masala, you need cardamom, cinnamon, onion and tomato puree, chili powder, garam masala, and of course, Paneer and Butter.

History says that Delhi's famous Moti Mahal restaurant chain first prepared paneer butter masala and; created it for the British population at the time, who had an inclination for Indian curry but could barely bear the spice.

This paneer butter masala is more waterless than some of the saucier styles of butter masala. The butter paneer recipe is slightly sweet and spicy. It is rich in flavor, aromatic in smell and the paneer is nice and bouncy. 

Butter Paneer Masala is a perfect main course item to be cooked for lunch and dinner parties and festivities. You can serve the creamy Butter Paneer Masala with tandoori roti, tawa roti, naan, garlic naan, or even kulcha. It also goes well with plain steamed rice or jeera (cumin) rice. 

", "title": "PANEER BUTTER GRAVY", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/ezgif-frame-001_21_520x500_5a043d4f-8e29-49ff-989d-a0279091e491_1100x.webp?v=1677228397", "image_alt": "PANEER BUTTER GRAVY", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/paneer-butter-gravy", "published_at": "February 24, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Paneer Chili Mix Gravy", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/PaneerChilli-Front_600x.jpg?v=1659425653", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :41119399706816, "handle": "paneer-chili-mix-gravy-indian-gravy-mix", "url" : "/products/paneer-chili-mix-gravy-indian-gravy-mix" },{ "title": "Paneer Chili Mix Gravy", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/PaneerChilli-Front_600x.jpg?v=1659425653", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :41119399706816, "handle": "paneer-chili-mix-gravy-indian-gravy-mix", "url" : "/products/paneer-chili-mix-gravy-indian-gravy-mix" },]},"563864207552" : { "id":563864207552, "handle": "foodtrest/kolkata-style-jhalmuri-recipe", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

To all chaat lovers, this recipe is for you! Jhal muri is a popular street food widely enjoyed around India, though it originated in West Bengal. Jhal means spicy, and muri means puffed rice. Jhal muri is a spicy puffed rice snack that is loved by all. It just takes 15 minutes to prepare Jhal muri. Puffed rice, roasted peanuts, namkeen/mixture, boiled potatoes, chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber, coriander, and a few other essential ingredients are used to make this.

Spice it up with Alco Jhalmuri Masala  to bring that authentic Kolkata flavor to your Jhal Muri. It will give an aromatic blend and add a spicy-chatpata flavor like street chat.


Take a big mixing bowl and pour in 1.5 cups of muri/puffed rice/murmure (whatever you like). Add 1/2 cup namkeen/mixture (any of your choice). Finely chop one cucumber, tomato, onion, and boiled potato. Add 2-3 green chilies (if you don't like spicy, you can skip it). Also, 1/3 cup of roasted peanuts will bring the street-style taste. 

Now sprinkle 2/3 tsp salt (as per taste) and add 2 tbsp of Alco's Jhal-muri masala to get the original Kolkata chat flavor in your Jhal-Muri. Spread 2 tbsp of mustard oil into the mix and add a handful of chopped coriander leaves. Add 1/3 cup Sev (use the tiny ones) and squeeze in 1/2 lemon juice. Give everything a good mix again, so the masala is spread evenly in the jhal-muri. 

Serve immediately, before the murmure is soiled, and enjoy the chatpata flavor of street food at home.

", "title": "KOLKATA STYLE JHALMURI RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/Jhalmuri_Thumbnail_520x500_8d616512-3bab-4743-a0b7-28f991398e7d_1100x.webp?v=1676549679", "image_alt": "KOLKATA STYLE JHALMURI RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/kolkata-style-jhalmuri-recipe", "published_at": "February 16, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Chaat Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/MasalaFront-17_600x.jpg?v=1668572258", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40271705342144, "handle": "chaat-masala", "url" : "/products/chaat-masala" },{ "title": "Jal Jeera Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/JaljeeraMix01_600x.jpg?v=1659618676", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40280792432832, "handle": "jal-jeera-masala", "url" : "/products/jal-jeera-masala" },]},"563802767552" : { "id":563802767552, "handle": "foodtrest/vegan-smoothie-bowl", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

The best way to start the day is with a vegan smoothie bowl topped with fresh banana, kiwi, pomegranate, or any other fruit of your choosing, as well as Alco white chocolate cashews. Additionally, having chocolate for breakfast is a fantastic notion!

A delectable dessert is a vegan chocolate smoothie. A naturally sweetened chocolate smoothie is created by combining a delicious and healthy banana, instant coffee, and cocoa powder. Alco white chocolate cashews give an additional layer of flavour to this delectable vegan chocolate smoothie.

This chocolate banana smoothie is one of the most delicious and is so simple to make. It's most likely because it tastes like a chocolate ice cream dish. It's creamy and delicious, like a healthy chocolate milkshake.



", "title": "VEGAN SMOOTHIE BOWL", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/Vegan_Smoothie_1100x.webp?v=1675329086", "image_alt": "VEGAN SMOOTHIE BOWL", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/vegan-smoothie-bowl", "published_at": "February 2, 2023", "comments":0,"products": []},"563802603712" : { "id":563802603712, "handle": "foodtrest/trending-laccha-paratha-recipe", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

For most of us, lachha or layered paratha has always been a favorite option. It is flaky and layered, with a considerable amount of Ghee or butter spread before rolling and frying. It is a healthy and delicious layered paratha recipe made with wheat flour and spiced onions. It expands the popular layered paratha dish with spice-coated onion slices on top. It's a great lunch or dinner recipe that doesn't require any sides, but a spicy pickle or refreshing raita can go well with it. Please give it a flavor to remember by adding Alco spices to this recipe. Enjoy! 



Finally, serve the masaledar onion paratha with raita and pickles.

", "title": "TRENDING LACCHA PARATHA RECIPE", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/ezgif-frame-001_91_1100x.jpg?v=1675328156", "image_alt": "TRENDING LACCHA PARATHA RECIPE", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/trending-laccha-paratha-recipe", "published_at": "February 2, 2023", "comments":0,"products": [{ "title": "Chaat Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/MasalaFront-17_600x.jpg?v=1668572258", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40271705342144, "handle": "chaat-masala", "url" : "/products/chaat-masala" },{ "title": "Chaat Masala", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/MasalaFront-17_600x.jpg?v=1668572258", "price": "Rs. 125.00","description": "", "variant_id" :40271705342144, "handle": "chaat-masala", "url" : "/products/chaat-masala" },{ "title": "Jeera Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/JeeraPowder01_600x.jpg?v=1668400750", "price": "Rs. 100.00","description": "", "variant_id" :42857917415616, "handle": "jeera-masala", "url" : "/products/jeera-masala" },{ "title": "Jeera Powder", "src": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/products/JeeraPowder01_600x.jpg?v=1668400750", "price": "Rs. 100.00","description": "", "variant_id" :42857917415616, "handle": "jeera-masala", "url" : "/products/jeera-masala" },]},"563802669248" : { "id":563802669248, "handle": "foodtrest/paneer-bombs-a-quick-tasty-appetizer", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

Don't you get weary of eating the same stuff for snacks and want to try something new? Vegetables and Paneer Bombs are a fun and quick appetizer that will brighten your day. You can cook them in the morning, and it will only take 20 minutes to serve a tasty breakfast.

The combination of the two works so well; paneer keeps the inside soft, and the gram flour helps to keep the outside crisp. It is a Quick and Easy snack recipe you must work on! You cannot eat just one. We guarantee you will love this as a game day snack, school lunch, appetizer for a meal, or a midnight snack.



  1. In a bowl of Grated Paneer, add 2 tbsp. Gram Flour and 1 tbsp. Curd.
  2. Add Chopped Green Chili. 
  3. Add salt to taste, Chili Flakes, Black pepper, and Alco Cumin Powder.
  4. Mix everything well and make small balls of the mixture prepared.
  5. Shallow fry the balls in an Appe Stand.

Serve hot with tomato ketchup or any dip of your choice.

", "title": "PANEER BOMBS: A QUICK & TASTY APPETIZER", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/Paneer_Bombs_1100x.webp?v=1675328697", "image_alt": "PANEER BOMBS: A QUICK & TASTY APPETIZER", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/paneer-bombs-a-quick-tasty-appetizer", "published_at": "February 2, 2023", "comments":0,},"563802472640" : { "id":563802472640, "handle": "foodtrest/coffee-that-will-make-your-day", "videoSrc": "no_inputs", "publised_by": "no_inputs", "content": "

It could, has, and is presently changing the way you all experience coffee. How can something suit anywhere and everywhere in your life when it is so decadently creamy, nutty, sweet, and salty? as an example.

You're getting set for an early work meeting at 6 a.m. and would prefer not to dread the ensuing two hours. A CASHEW COFFEE.

A pleasant pre-lunch pick-me-up is required because it is raining, it is ten in the morning, and you work from home. A CASHEW COFFEE.

You're a stay-at-home parent, it's 2 p.m., the kids are finally dozing off, and you want to unwind for fifteen minutes. A CASHEW COFFEE.

Super easy to make, you should try this chilling experience at home. 



", "title": "COFFEE THAT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY", "author": "no_inputs", "poster": "//www.alcofoods.com/cdn/shop/articles/ezgif-frame-001_90_1100x.jpg?v=1675321906", "image_alt": "COFFEE THAT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY", "url": "/blogs/foodtrest/coffee-that-will-make-your-day", "published_at": "February 2, 2023", "comments":0,"products": []}}}